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Candle Wax Disaster

November 12, 2009

I seem to have a habit of staining things that I like.  This summer, my boyfriend’s parents went on a cruise to Cancun.  When they came back, they brought me several souvenirs including a key chain, two t-shirts, and a scarf.  Now this wasn’t just your typical scarf; it was a multi-purpose scarf that could be used as a headband or swim suit wrap depending on how you tied it.  It also just happened to be made of the most sheer yellow fabric I have ever seen.  Well, I had it sitting on my dresser right beside the green candle that I had been burning all day long.  Somehow I managed to dump the entire liquified candle all over the scarf!  I was so upset; I didn’t know what to do!  So, I balled it up and threw it in the corner to deal with when I was less upset. 

My boyfriend is from TX, and I’m from PA.  I get to see his parents about 3 times a year.  This was just my luck! They were thoughtful enough to think of me and give me these beautiful gifts that were absolutely my style. Then, I go and ruin it.  I didn’t want them to think I was some ungrateful brat!

About a week later I was reading the bottle of my new non-toxic stain remover, and it said it removed candle wax.  I grabbed the scarf and carefully peeled it apart since the wax had solidified and molded it into a crumpled ball.  I spread the whole thing across my washer and started pouring small amounts of cleaner directly onto the wax.  Right before my eyes, it started to disappear. It was like the cleaner was melting the wax and dissolving it.  I continued this process across the entire scarf and gently rubbed the fabric together.  I let it sit for one hour and threw it in the wash.  At the end of the cycle, I pulled it out and there was no wax, no stain, no greasy mark, and the fabric wasn’t damaged at all! I didn’t even have to put up with any disgusting, overpowering chemical smells! Now, I can wear my new scarf and show my boyfriend’s parents how grateful I really am for the gift!

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