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The Colors of the Season

January 7, 2010

It’s no secret that red and green are the colors of the Christmas season. All the decorations, wrapping paper, and even cookie frosting display these colors, and most people probably never give it a second thought.  Well, for me and my clothes, Christmas colors equal disaster.  It’s a good thing I enjoy doing laundry and find it a challenge to try to get out stubborn stains!

Every year, my friend Rachel and her family go treeing.  Now, this is not your everyday treeing experience; it is a carefully planned extravaganza.  The order of houses goes from oldest to youngest, but each year, they rotate through who gets to go first.  Each house has its own special item that everyone goes there to try.  Some of my favorites are the soup at Laura’s house, Debbie’s buffalo chicken dip, and Joe’s cherries. With that said, I can now explain to you how I got myself into trouble thanks to Uncle Joe’s cherries.

Uncle Joe makes some delicious cherries soaked in Crème de Cocoa.  They taste exactly like chocolate covered cherries!  This year, the cherry house was the second house, so they decided to bring them along for the rest of the day.  At the third house, someone discovered that the cherry juice is just as good as the cherries, and since they were in an enormous chalice, it was perfect for drinking.  The glass was passed all the way around the room before it got to me.  At least seven people drank out of it without incident.  I took that giant cup, put it up to my mouth, tilted it back…….and all forty five cherries that were stuck in the bottom came flying down toward my face.  The force sloshed the juice all over my face, down my cheeks, straight down the front of my shirt and onto my pants!  Talk about embarrassing!  Everyone in the other room starting pointing and laughing while I sat there trying not to drip any of the juice onto the couch or the floor.  Eventually, someone got me a wet towel and I was able to wipe my hands and face to get the stickiness off, but there was no hope for my shirt.  At least not that day.

When laundry day came around, I was pretty much convinced that there was no hope for my little gray American Eagle t-shirt.  But, I was willing to at least try to get it out.  I took my green laundry stain remover, sprayed it on it, and threw the shirt in the wash.  I didn’t feel like wasting my energy scrubbing it because I was pretty sure it wouldn’t make a difference.  When the washer was done, I pulled the shirt out to find every bit of the sticky, crusty, red stain gone!  My clothes are finally safe from the bold colors of Christmas!

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