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No More Blood Stains

January 18, 2010

Everyone knows that kids are messy, and sometimes, they’re even a little bit gross. Even the cutest kid you’ve ever seen can produce some of the most disgusting messes you could ever imagine. Recently, I realized that if I ever want to be a mom, I better have an arsenal of cleaning products to help deal with unpredictable mishaps. I guess it’s a good thing that I’m getting started in the cleaning department before I even have a candidate for a husband, let alone someone to make babies with. It’s also helpful that most of the people I’m close with have kids for me to clean up after.

About two weeks ago, I was talking about my green cleaning products and how much I love my laundry stain remover, and the topic of blood came up. My friend Heather’s three year old daughter had a nose bleed, and it dripped on the light colored carpet. I know it’s really terrible to be excited about a small child having a bloody nose, but I’m not gonna lie, I was excited. This was a new test for me to try! Well, I went to her house yesterday, and we sprayed the spots, and they came out in minutes. Now when I finally become a mom, I’ll know that my laundry stain remover actually doubles as a carpet cleaner, takes out blood, and is safe to use around kids.

But kids are obviously a future concern for me, and I was thinking that there has got to be some use for this for people without kids. So today while I was writing this blog, I remembered an episode of the show “Room Raiders” that used to be on MTV. On the show, one person would creep through the bedrooms of three strangers to try to pick one that they might like to date based on what they found. On one particular episode, a very attractive boy found some unflattering undergarments which the owner proudly defended because they saved her precious Victoria’s Secret panties from accidents. Maybe if every girl had a bottle of this stain remover, they wouldn’t have to worry about having special panties for certain times of the month. Then everyone would be showing off their pretty panties, reproduction would go up, and lots more moms would be asking to learn about my business!

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