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Green Family

January 28, 2010

I come from a very small town, and trying to convince people to switch their cleaning and shopping habits is not easy.  With my family, we tend to try things that we see each other liking.  So, after watching me and seeing how excited I am about the products I’m using, my family members started coming to me for advice.

A few weeks ago, my sister came to me with a challenge.  She had a men’s hockey jersey that had been worn to numerous practices and then shoved into a duffle bag while wet and sweaty.  She had washed the jersey 3 times and could not get the stench out of it.  Let’s be honest; that’s sick!  So, coming to me was her last resort.  As usual, my green products didn’t let me down. I just sprayed a little bit of diluted cleaner on the jersey, washed it with a load of laundry, and the smell was gone.  I think my sister thinks I have some kind of magic because when she gets a stain now, she says, “I don’t know what your routine is, but I have some stains for you to take out.”  It cracks me up because it’s not anything I’m doing; it’s the products I’m using!

Recently, my aunt came to me looking for an herbal supplement to help with her husband’s blood pressure.  They really didn’t want him to have to go on medication, so they were looking for something natural.  In my own experience, I’ve found that the herbal supplements for anxiety worked better for me than medication from the doctor.  I found this very exciting because herbs are so much better for your body than medications.  I can’t wait to see how the natural supplements for blood pressure work!

Even though, it’s obvious that I’m thrilled with the results of all the new products I’m trying, I’m even more interested in seeing how they can help my family.

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