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Why I’m Different

When I was younger, my mom would go to a Pampered Chef or Home Interiors Party maybe once a year…if that.  AS I got older, I noticed that more and more companies were emerging, and now, it seems like everyone is selling something.  My friends want me to go to this party or that party, and I find myself dreading the invitations because I feel like I have to buy something I don’t need or book a party to get free things that I don’t need.  Then, my friend approached me with some products that she wanted me to try.  She said that many of them were non-toxic and/or organic, but the second she told me that she worked with the company, I was turned off.  So, I took the bag of stuff home and put it in the corner of my bedroom.

After a few weeks, I started to really look through the stuff and give it a try.  I was instantly hooked.  Now, I find myself blogging about the adventure I’m having while discovering what these products have to offer for me.  I’m not here to make claims and promises; in fact, I can’t tell you whether or not you will have the same experiences.  I’m simply here to tell others what MY experiences have been.

If you’re intrigued, contact me.  I’d be glad to explain how you can gain access to these products.  Maybe you will be like me and want to help others improve their lives by sharing your story and experiences with these products.  I will be supportive and informative but never pushy.  And if none of this sounds like it interests you, then hopefully you will at least enjoy reading my stories.

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