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Natural Flu Remedy Trial

November 19, 2009

Over the past three weeks, I’ve been focusing on flu season.  It’s kind of hard not to when it’s right there in your face.  For me, this is quite literally true.  In the midst of launching my blog, buidling my business, and  cleaning up silly putty in MD, my boyfriend planned a trip to TX for the two of us to visit his family.  Well, while we were there, we were able to spend time with his 2 year old son.  Now, of course it is my luck that in the 2 weeks prior to our TX trip, I let my hectic schedule get to me, and I was not keeping up with my vitamins. I remembered to take them once a day maybe every other day….if that. This really disappointed me because the benefits I had been seeing when taking my vitamins regularly for 6 weeks were starting to diminish.  This set me up to be a prime target for the flu.

So, it just figures that when we got to TX, my boyfriend’s son had a runny nose.  He had just gotten the H1N1 vaccine, and his nose would not stop running!  There is not enough hand sanitizer or soap in the world to protect a person from the flu when constantly wiping up snot from little kids.  I carried my sanitizer around in my pocket, but it didn’t even have time to dry before I was pulling out another tissue.  I have always loved children, and my only dream in life is to be a mom, but when it comes to sickness, I sincerely admire all of the mommies who are able to do it and not get sick. I immediately began taking my vitamins twice a day as directed, but I started to notice that my throat was scratchy.  The next morning my throat and ear were sore, and my sinuses were congested.  For a milisecond, I wondered if you could catch Swine Flu from a person who just got the vaccine. OK,  I know that’s totally ridiculous. I just really hate to be sick! (Click here to find out what’s in the h1n1 vaccine and how it works. )

So, I decided to see how the natural tips worked.  I filled up a plastic cup with warm salt water and kept it in the bathroom.  I gargled with salt water throughout the day.  Twice a day I dripped salt water into my nose. I drank hot tea like it was my job and chugged Emergen C four times a day (I made sure to buy the Pink kind because 50% of the profits go to Breast Cancer research).  I also got plenty of rest when I could.  I have to say.  The salt water nose treatment really relieved my symptoms. I actually kind of enjoyed it because of the relief it gave me. So, on my fourth day of feeling yucky, I realized that although my face felt like it could explode, I had no fever, no chills, no body aches, and my sore throat was gone after a day.  I’m pretty sure that means that my cold wasn’t as bad as it could have been.
I decided to focus on treating my one symptom, the congested head.  Now, I know my sickness doesn’t sound THAT bad, but my sinus pressure really was.   My face was swollen and my eyelids swelled so big they drooped over my eyes.  I went out and bought one of those saline nose sprays thinking that the “spray” would be more effective than my drip. I usually use Simply Saline but decided on a less expensive generic type. I didn’t even make it out of the parking lot before I was trying it.  I tilted my head back, shoved the tip up my nose and squeezed as hard as I could! The taste that flooded down my throat was surely not that of simply saline!  It was the most bitter, disgusting thing I had ever tasted.  I guess the generic brand has more than salt and water in it.

When I told my boyfriend’s mom what happened, she suggested that I try a middle ground.  We mixed up a batch of homemade warm salt water that I was able to sniff up my nose.  I know it sounds strange, but after two doses, I was feeling much better. I could breathe clearly, and my headache was fading.  I’ve been sick now for a little under a week, but I’m starting to feel better. I’m still a little tired, but my sinus pressure is clearing up.  I think I would try these remedies again, but next time, I need to try to catch it before I’m already sick.


Silly Putty

November 19, 2009

A few months ago, I made plans to stay with my friend, Brandy,  for two weeks in November.  She was expecting her third child on October 31, but they scheduled her C-section for October 30. I was excited about the trip because I was honored that she asked me to be her nanny.  Brandy was very close with her mom who had passed away shortly after the birth of Brandy’s second child. She contemplated not having more children because she didn’t want to have a child that could not meet her mother.  Her mom had been there to help her with her first two pregnancies, so when she asked me to come stay with her, I knew I had some huge shoes to fill.

Well, babies have a mind of their own, and they come when they are ready.  Little miss Kendal decided she was ready 18 days early!  I got a message at 5 am saying that Brandy was experiencing premature labor; at 7 I talked to her and her water had broken. At 9 am a C-section was performed, and they had a new baby girl. I couldn’t wait to meet her!  One week after her birth, I was in MD fully prepared to take  on my new little charge!

Between the sleepless nights, diaper changings, and many feedings, there were still two other children to care for.  One of these children was a blond-haired energetic 4 year old boy.  JJ is the proudest big brother I have ever seen, concerned only with taking care of his baby sister.  The transition was a difficult one for him, but he never complained.

Amidst the chaos, JJ accidentally fell asleep with his glob of silly putty.  The first I saw of the incident was midweek at about 8 am.  JJ came out of the bedroom with his beloved blankie, walked over to the trash can, and threw away his blankie.  He said, ” My blankie is ruined.  It can’t be fixed. Just leave it there, and don’t tell Mommy.”  As soon as he asked that I not tell his mom, I knew there was a bigger problem.  Later in the day, I mentioned to Brandy that JJ threw his blankie in the trash, and she called him over.  It was then that she saw the huge, sticky mess melted across the front of his new Transformers t-shirt.  I saw her eyes light up, and she brought down the sheet from the bed.  It was sporting a green translucent spot about the size of  an egg.  She also had a white towel in her hand that had spots on it and explained that she saw the spot on the sheet, didn’t know what it was, so she covered it up with the towel and went to sleep. What a mess! JJ must have had the silly putty in his hand and fallen asleep on his belly with that hand beneath him.  The heat from his body caused it to melt and ooze all over anything he came in contact with.  It is amazing how far one little piece of silly putty can spread! It wasn’t even all of the silly putty that came in the case.  It was only about half, and when it was hard it was only about the size of two marbles!

I asked my friend for the bottle of non-toxic cleaner that I used to take out candle wax. (If you haven’t read about that, it is in my blog entitled “Candle Wax.”)  I set up shop in the laundry room and got to work.  I started with the blankie.  There were tiny little pieces of melted silly putty all over it.  I started at one corner and worked my way around pouring a drop of cleaner on the putty then rubbing it with a sponge.  The silly putty dissolved beneath my sponge.  Once I finished the blankie, I moved on to the t-shirt.  I was so impressed, I took before, during and after pictures! Here, too, the putty simply rubbed off with the cleaner.  At this point, I was completely shocked, so when I moved on to the sheet, I decided I needed a video.  I poured a capful of cleaner on the spot on the sheet.  I let it set for about 5 seconds and then scraped my fingernail through it.  The putty came sliding off the fabric in a goopy glob on my fingernail.  I scraped much of it off then used the sponge to rub off the rest.  Finally, I put a few drops on the spots on the towel, and I had removed all of the silly putty stains!  We threw the items in the laundry, and when they came out, there wasn’t even a grease stain!

My friend and I couldn’t stop talking about how surprised we were!  JJ was excited because he wasn’t in trouble.  We also realized that my friend and her husband would no longer have to cut chunks out of their carpet when silly putty got melted to it.  From now on they can simply pour some cleaner on it and it will come off easily!  The thing that gets me the most is knowing that this powerful cleaner is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  I only used a total of about half an ounce of cleaner.  How can something that is made from all natural substances be so effective?  It blows my mind.

Protect Yourself from the Flu

November 12, 2009

I recently received an email that quoted a person named Dr. Goyal, explaining how to naturally and inexpensively protect yourself from the flu without using medical immunizations. As soon as I read it, I knew it was perfect for me because I’m afraid of flu vaccines, and it is most definitely right up the alley for the theme of my blog.  For those of you out there who just aren’t sure if you’re ready to trust the vaccines, there actually are some simple actions you can take.  You just need a few typical household items. It’s simple yet effective.  Some people have said that the information in the email is a hoax, but whether it is or not, I’m not sure.  I figure it’s inexpensive, easy and worth a try.  Take a look at this post that summarizes and adds to some of the points made in the email.  Enjoy, and let me know if they work for you! Also, feel free to comment and add any of your natural, inexpensive tips for warding off germs.

Candle Wax Disaster

November 12, 2009

I seem to have a habit of staining things that I like.  This summer, my boyfriend’s parents went on a cruise to Cancun.  When they came back, they brought me several souvenirs including a key chain, two t-shirts, and a scarf.  Now this wasn’t just your typical scarf; it was a multi-purpose scarf that could be used as a headband or swim suit wrap depending on how you tied it.  It also just happened to be made of the most sheer yellow fabric I have ever seen.  Well, I had it sitting on my dresser right beside the green candle that I had been burning all day long.  Somehow I managed to dump the entire liquified candle all over the scarf!  I was so upset; I didn’t know what to do!  So, I balled it up and threw it in the corner to deal with when I was less upset. 

My boyfriend is from TX, and I’m from PA.  I get to see his parents about 3 times a year.  This was just my luck! They were thoughtful enough to think of me and give me these beautiful gifts that were absolutely my style. Then, I go and ruin it.  I didn’t want them to think I was some ungrateful brat!

About a week later I was reading the bottle of my new non-toxic stain remover, and it said it removed candle wax.  I grabbed the scarf and carefully peeled it apart since the wax had solidified and molded it into a crumpled ball.  I spread the whole thing across my washer and started pouring small amounts of cleaner directly onto the wax.  Right before my eyes, it started to disappear. It was like the cleaner was melting the wax and dissolving it.  I continued this process across the entire scarf and gently rubbed the fabric together.  I let it sit for one hour and threw it in the wash.  At the end of the cycle, I pulled it out and there was no wax, no stain, no greasy mark, and the fabric wasn’t damaged at all! I didn’t even have to put up with any disgusting, overpowering chemical smells! Now, I can wear my new scarf and show my boyfriend’s parents how grateful I really am for the gift!

No Germs Please!

November 5, 2009

At the beginning of my journey to a healthier lifestyle, I  began wondering what effect disinfectant sprays and cloths have on our bodies.  I often see advertisements that have a mom spraying her children’s toys off with the spray to disinfect them.  It always made me cringe because you know it’s going to dry on there.  Kids are infamous for shoving things in their mouths and touching things and putting their hands in their mouths.  All I can think is that those dried on disinfectants may have killed the germs,but now the chemicals could come off in a chid’s mouth.  That’s so gross!

A recent article about toxic household chemicals explains that scientists don’t actually know how harmful household chemicals are.  They are able to tell how many volatile organic compounds are present in the air.  In their study, Lysol Disinfectant Spray came in 1,000 times higher than Clorox.  With the line of products I’m converting to, I found a disinfectant spray that is made with all-natural ingredients.  So basically, when if I wanted to spray it on toys, pet supplies, or countertops, I could be assured that even if it dried and went into the mouth of my child or pet, it would be ok.  Knowing that I can protect my house from germs without using harsh chemicals is comforting!

h1n1 natural disinfectantLast night, I found out that the EPA recently confirmed that this company’s disinfectant spray kills the H1N1 virus.  I just saw a commercial for Lysol that was talking about how it kills the H1N1 virus, and I thought “Here we go, this is going to be the newest marketing technique.”  I’ve always been skeptical about flu season.  I take a million vitamins, wash my hands, and try to stay away from sick people.  I’m afraid of the flu vaccines and have yet to get one. However, when I think about it, I realize that H1N1 is a legitimate concern for everyone.  Not everyone is a skeptic like me; most people WANT to know about products that are going to aid their search for protection from the flu.  When I heard that this non-toxic, eco-friendly version of common household disinfectants works just as well as its chemically loaded counterparts, I was so excited to write my new blog! People need to know about these things! So if you’re one of those people who is looking for a strong yet safe disinfectant, get ahold of me.  I would love to tell you how you can get yourself some!


October 4, 2009

The first product I decided to try was a package of vitamins.  I have been struggling with stomach problems for about 10 years.  I would get stomach aches all the time.  Everyone that knows me knows that if they can’t find me, I’m probably in the bathroom. I can’t tell you how many times I would text my friends from the bathroom to tell some embarrassing story.  Dinner dates were one of my biggest nightmares because I knew I couldn’t make it through a meal without getting an upset stomach.  Nothing worked to make it better.  I could take Imodium, but that would back me up for 3 days.  The only thing worse than a stomach ache is a stomach ache without being able to relieve it!  Thank goodness those days are over!

Now, I’m a total sucker for fancy packaging and convenience.  I opened the box of vitamins to find these cute little packages containing a daily dose of vitamins, one for in the morning and one for at night.  How cool is that?  So, I started taking them because my friend gave them to me for free.  No risk there!  I really had fun taking them, but sometimes I would forget.  I started to notice that when I took the vitamins, I didn’t get stomach aches.  I read about them in the catalog and found that they contained a pill that was used to promote a healthy digestive tract.  I thought maybe I was being overly excited, so I took them for three days, then stopped.  Then I waited two day sand started them again.  Sure enough, they really do work! My embarrassing stomach aches have subsided!

I also noticed that my body seems to accept them more easily than other vitamins I’ve tried.  I used to take chewable children’s vitamins, but they started to not be so yummy after I was taking them for a while.  I then purchased women’s vitamins, but I found myself nauseous and occasionally vomiting after I took them, even with food.  My friend told me that she feels “carsick” when she takes vitamins.  I have not been nauseous once when I took these vitamins.  This really surprised me, too, because I take 5 pills at a time!  Just this weekend I gave my friend a package to try, and she agreed that she didn’t feel “carsick”.  So all-in-all it seems that I may be on my way to a healthier, less embarrassing life! And to make it even better, they are a better value than most store brands.