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Why Blog?

Hi! I’m Ashley.  I’m an average 24 year old small town girl.  I’m not obsessed with saving the earth or eating healthy, but I am aware that I can make some simple choices to help myself and the earth.  I always thought that being healthy and going green was soooo expensive, but I recently found out that it doesn’t have to be, and I want people to know that. There are also so many reasons to make healthier decisions, so I want to show people that making healthy decisions means more than just eating right.  I started this blog to share healthy, green ideas with as many people as possible. Right now, I am focusing on one brand because it is the brand I am familiar with. If you want to know more about it, check out my website.  This is my journey to a healthier life, and I hope you enjoy it!

Two months in-

When I started this blog, I did it because I found products that inspired me to be a healthier person.  I couldn’t afford to completely convert my home and life, but I’ve been taking small steps each month.  I wanted this blog to be completely thought-out and developed as much as possible before launching it.  So, here we are, two months later, ready to launch.  Lately, I’ve noticed that being aware of healthier options is becoming a lifestyle.  I have started exercising daily, eating healthier, taking my vitamins regularly, getting a decent amount of sleep, etc.  I’ve also noticed that I’m more aware of the substances I put in my body and surround myself with.  I find myself reading labels and researching topics that I’m unfamiliar with.  I feel better than I’ve felt in a very long time, and I always thought I felt pretty good!  Each day, I wake up excited for the adventures my new, healthier life has to offer. It’s a great feeling.

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